2020 Tournament and Meeting Schedules

2020 Delaware TBF Tournament Schedule

Buddy #1        April 4 Cancelled, reschedule date TBA – Potomac River Smallwood state Park

Buddy #2         May 16 – Upper Bay Turner’s Creek

Toys for Tots    June 20 – Snow Hill Byrd Park

Buddy #3         July 18 – Nanticoke River Phillips Landing

Buddy #4          August 1 – Choptank River Martinak State Park

SQT                    August 23 – Upper Bay Turners Creek

Buddy #5           September 5 – Pocomoke Byrd Park

Classic                 September 19 – Nanticoke River Phillips Landing

National Semi Final   September 26 and 27 Upper Bay Launch site TBA.

Delaware TBF 2020 Meeting Schedule

January 8      – Monthly Meeting, Williamsville Country Store

February 5    – Monthly Meeting, Williamsville Country Store

March 11       – Monthly Meeting, Williamsville Country Store

April 1             – Draw Meeting, Williamsville Country Store

May 13           – Draw Meeting, Williamsville Country Store

June 10           – Monthly Meeting, Williamsville Country Store

July 15            – Draw Meeting, Williamsville Country Store

July 29            – Draw Meeting, Williamsville Country Store

August 19       – SQT Draw Meeting, Williamsville Country Store

September 9  – Monthly Meeting, Williamsville Country Store

November 11 – Monthly Meeting, Williamsville Country Store

December 2    – Monthly Meeting, Williamsville Country Store               

2019 Fish-N-Friends Toys for Tots Tournament

2019 Fish-N-Friends Toys for Tots Tournament
Toys for Tots began in LA 1947 by Marine Corp Reserve officer Maj Bill Hendricks. At that beginning the Reserve unit collected and distributed 5000 toys. After the Commandant of the Marine Corp saw that the LA Reserve unit was successful, he directed all Marine Corp Reserve units to implement a Toys for Tots program. This action transformed the program into a National campaign. We at Nanticoke Bass Club and our tournament sponsors are proud to be associated with this charity,
Our 2019 Tournament took place on the Pocomoke River in Snow Hill Maryland with 65 Anglers from 18 different TBF and Bass Nation clubs from Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania participating. Many of the anglers that participated in the Tournament served in the Armed Services and all branches were represented. Over 115 toys managed to fill the bed of the Fisher Architecture pickup. The toys were picked up by Andy Bouma, Lower Eastern Shore Toys for Tots Coordinator. Andy has been our contact person at Toys for Tots for the last 9 years the Tournament has been held. Each year the tournament brings together the fishing community in a competitive fun way to support this program and in our way support our troops and our local area. The support for this year’s tournament included sponsors Fisher Architecture, Fabian Rodriguez, Vaughan Baits, PJ’s Handyman Services, BNB Custom Rods, Big Mouth Lures, Accu-Cull, Ferguson Enterprises and Nanticoke Bass Club.
On one of the hottest days so far this year the anglers still produced over 110 fish totaling 190.33 pounds. The fish were only a part of the day’s activities. The comradery was the biggest talk next to the support for Toys for Tots that occurred on this July 6th day. Seeing all these people come together for one cause and have a good time is the main reason Nanticoke Bass Club holds this activity each year. The Nanticoke Bass Club would like to thank all those that participated that made this activity a huge success. Congratulations to those top finishers.

For full results pictures of the winners and the event CLICK HERE

Launch Order 2019 Potomac River

4Van Drunen/Oneil
11Wall/ Toth

Launch Order for August 26th Buddy Tournament at Sass

Hello all,

Below is the launch order for the August 26th buddy tournament on Sass, Good luck everyone!

Launch order for Sass CLICK HERE